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What is sim racing?

Sim Racing is short for “simulation racing”. Sim racing refers to racing in a simulated environment, usually electronic, with realistic physics affecting the car. As opposed to a racing video game, which is designed to be easily driven by novices, sim racing software will more accurately mimic the effects of tire traction, suspension spring rates, etc. Because of the accurate physics being replicated in the software, the cars are not as forgiving when the driver pushes the car beyond its limits as they would be in the more popular video games.

As a result, the driver must drive the cars with the same skills and techniques of real race car drivers. The driver must keep the car well balanced to retain traction on all four tires and follow a good racing line to achieve the best results. Failure to keep the car under control and the car will spin out of control, or worst yet, slide into a wall and put you out of the race.

Since sim-racing can provide such a realistic experience, many amateur and professional race car drivers use sim-racing as a tool to improve their skills.

Written by Richmotech


As well as competing in esport and sim racing championships all around the world, we want to do this in a diverse and inclusive manner.

We support drivers with physical and psychological disabilities in accessing sim racing and then compete in championships and races at the highest level. Using our many years of experience and proven track record, we want to work with organisations, governing bodies, OEMs and sponsors we want to expand our academy that will give more opportunities to drivers that previously wouldn’t have had a chance to go racing.

As well as developing their racing skills, we also provide our drivers with an environment in which to develop valuable life skills that will allow them to better integrate into society and the workplace, including punctuality, preparation, professionalism, communication and many more. 

Our Team

Here you will find statistics and information on our driver roster.

Our drivers race in a varity of different championships and disaplines in titles such as rFactor2, Assetto Corsa and iRacing.

Were also looking for new drivers to join us. So if you think you have what it takes contact us here.

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Our Competitions

We race in championships and events against teams and drivers from all over the world. We choose to compete with these organisations as they have proven to offer excellent engagement with their fans and in turn provide great exposure for our team and partners. They are also run to a high standard with fair stewarding, clear communication and precise rules and regulations making for good, clean, fair racing. Check them out at the links above.

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