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The only team to compete in real world motrosport and esports sim racing


What is sim racing?

Sim Racing is short for “simulation racing”. Sim racing refers to racing in a simulated environment, usually electronic, with realistic physics affecting the car. As opposed to a racing video game, which is designed to be easily driven by novices, sim racing software will more accurately mimic the effects of tire traction, suspension spring rates, etc. Because of the accurate physics being replicated in the software, the cars are not as forgiving when the driver pushes the car beyond its limits as they would be in the more popular video games.

As a result, the driver must drive the cars with the same skills and techniques of real race car drivers. The driver must keep the car well balanced to retain traction on all four tires and follow a good racing line to achieve the best results. Failure to keep the car under control and the car will spin out of control, or worst yet, slide into a wall and put you out of the race.

Since sim-racing can provide such a realistic experience, many amateur and professional race car drivers use sim-racing as a tool to improve their skills.

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How are we bluring the lines?

As well as competing in esport and sim racing championships all around the world, we will also be making our return to real world motorsport.

Initially our aim is to return to the 750 Motor Club Ma7da Locost Championship in 2020 with our driver and founder Max Spooner.

Max will also race in selected sim racing championships to remain race sharp and learn from both disciplines to become a more rounded driver.

From there we will be looking to move up the British motorsport ladder towards GT-3 racing in the UK and beyond. This won't just be with Max as we will also look to bring up some of our esport drivers into the real world.

Our Team

Here you will find statistics and information on our driver roster.

Our drivers race in a varity of different championships and disaplines in titles such as rFactor2, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Raceroom, Forza, Gran Turismo and many more.

Quatermass VGT3-1 & VFE1

Were also looking for new drivers to join us. So if you think you have what it takes contact us here.

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Our Competitions

New for 2019, Ma7da Locost is an offshoot of the eternally popular Locost Championship for kit cars designed to the original Ron Champion ‘Build Your Own Sports Car’ book dimensions. Based on the existing Locost, the cars will be upgraded to run 140 bhp Mazda 1.8 litre engines and gearboxes from the Mazda MX-5. As well as this cars will also be able to run full discs brakes. Despite the power upgrade the racing will still be very competitve with tightly packed grids. 

In 2020 Quatermass Motorsport will step up from the Locost Championship into Ma7da. Using Experiment LC1B as our basis we will build an all new car to compete in this championship called Experiment LC2.

Quatermass Motorsport


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